Sam Kuehn, Contracting Jobs, May 2021



Sam Kuehn, Contracting Jobs, May 2021


Interviewee: Sam Kuehn
Interviewer: Sarah Phelps
Date: May 4th, 2021
Format: Video recording, Zoom
Location of interview: Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Transcriber: Sarah Phelps
Additional Transcription Equipment used: Zoom cloud transcription
Project in association with: University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire


Oral history transcript


May 4, 2021


Sarah Phelps


Alexis Polencheck


Sam Kuehn is from Fall Creek, a small town outside of Eau Claire. He works part time doing small contracting jobs around his community and will soon be restarting a library position he lost at the start of the pandemic. In this interview he talks about his challenges maintaining relationships with family and friends, how he stays safe during Covid, and his stance on state and federal mandates. He also discusses his view of the media and how it affects the public’s stance on topics like the coronavirus.

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